Life in America: The Reagan Years, A Webography
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For Further Reading

On the following pages, we include a selection of resources (grouped topically and ordered chronologically) that readers might consider if they are interested in a particular topic covered on this site.  The topics covered in the For Further Reading section include:  Reagan and ReaganismAtwood and The Handmaid's TaleSecond Wave Feminisms;  and the Sex and Culture Wars.  For each topic, we have carefully chosen a few additional resources to encourage further reading about the personages, events, and ideas explored on this site.  Descriptions of the works are taken from and links are provided for readers who would like to purchase any of these items from Amazon.  In the final section, titled The 1980s, we present links to a series of articles hosted by The Eighties Club, that explore a wide range of cultural, political, and historical topics and that give further insight into the decade of the 1980s.  We also offer a few suggestions for reading for those who enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale and want to try more "postmodern fiction."